Dear IFSW European members,

Tomorrow morning from 09:00 European Social Platform will be running a live blog with our reactions to the State of the European Union.

European Social Platform will also be tweeting, but the live blog will give the opportunity to offer a deeper insight into the social implications of President von der Leyen’s speech.

European Social Platform is kindly asking for your support in 2 ways:

Please do spread the word of our live blog on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and also feel free to share the live blog link within your own organisations and networks.
Join and watch party at 09:00! European Social Platform is inviting any interested members to join our Microsoft Teams watch party, to exchange views in real time with the membership and secretariat and to help us tailor the messages that we’ll publish on our live blog.
This is a new exercise, so many thanks in advance for your support, advice, and feedback!

IFSW European Secretariat